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There are lecture notes. They start with something about fixed dimension which you can ignore. They contain more stuff about voting rules and manipulating actions than you need.

Kuba K. got some audio recordings of (some of) the lectures. They may or may not be helpful, but I'm leaving that up to you. Thanks, Kuba :)

Other material:

  • Goemans & Rothvoss: Polynomiality of Bin Packing with Few Item Types. You should understand the statement of the Structure Theorem (Thm 2.3), and how the main algorithmic result (Thm 2.2) can be proven using Thm 2.3. We have also proven Lemma 3.4 („concentrating“ the weight from many points to just $2^d$ points) and Lemma 4.3 („distributing“ the weight from the inside of a parallelepiped to its vertices).
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